Wednesday, February 1, 2017


And no, I can't tell you......

But I will give you a hint

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available! ----}- Bird

Friday, January 13, 2017


No, I wasn't just goofing off......

I took the family on vacation.

I tried to keep up on the Cats but honestly outside of Luongo passing Sawchuk I don't have anything to comment on. It will be a week or so to get back into the swing of things.

----}- Bird 

Monday, December 26, 2016


We joked that Jagr had his NY apt cleaned by Petr Prucha....

So it went in off his ass.

I have pretty good memories of seeing this big kid play as a rookie. I had been living in Pittsburgh between '85 & '87 and saw a young Mario, but that was when the Pens weren't any good. By the time I went to Nassau to see the Isles play the Pens they were getting much better. Jags would coast through two periods and then score twice and assist on one or two to give the Pens a win. I think I saw him do this several times.

It was his stop in Washington that had many worried that Jags had a bad attitude. I'm still unclear why that didn't work out as his stint with the Rangers helped bring the team back to respectability. Not only did the Rangers return to the playoffs, he set the single season goalscoring record, eclipsing Adam Graves 51 goals in 1994.

He had stops in NJ, Philly, Boston and of course, here in Florida. JJ still has size and with that an ability to control the puck better than most. His shot is still one that beats keepers. Face it, most his age can't play at the level he plays......and it looks like he could continue next season if he wants. Personally, I want to see him play one more year. The last 25 plus years have been quite a treat watching him win in the NHL and the Olympics.

I've always been a big Mark Messier fan and I'd bet even "Moose" Messier was happy for JJ when he passed 1887 points. What an awesome career.

----}- Bird

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Happy holidays to all......

May your hockey team win and all your teammates get great presents!

----}- Bird

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


No, we're not related........

I'm still unclear what this means for the hockey club but the President elect has selected Panther's owner Vinnie Viola to be the Secretary of the Army. As a West Point grad (and a Ranger) Mr. Viola has combined his military background with his business skills to become quite a success story. I won't list his accomplishments here, they'll be in all the articles.

There was a feeling I got that Mr. Viola was a hands on kinda guy when it came to the Panthers. I attended the unveiling of the new logo back in the summer and he took the stage, took command and took on all questions. I was impressed and wished I could meet the guy. I just know if we met, I'd be hired to work in the Panther organization. I also got a little "Jerry Jones" sensation meaning his hands on might not always be a good thing. One can point to the firing of the coach earlier this season. Too much meddling can hurt a team. It can also help. It's taken a while but the Cowboys look to be a contender. George Steinbrenner produced championships. Perhaps Mr. Viola would have too.

Now that's on hold as he will step down from his Panther obligations to serve our country once again. I'd expect his return at some point. For now, it remains unclear how this affects the team and it's success.

Miami Herald here.

Sun Sentinel here.

The Washington Post.

Well, this was not expected..........seems like I say that a lot these days :-)

----}- Bird