Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Waiting Is Over........

Hello New York and everywhere else, I'm Bird and you're at

This year, the glass just might be half full. Yep, I said it. This COULD be the year we've been building towards. Sure, questions about the blueline remain unanswered with Marc out and Sauer hurting. Yet I remain optimistic.

There will be pressure on Brad Richards to get out of the gate early. Gabby needs to rebound from an off season. I could list a number of issues for us to whine about but the fact remains.....I smell a cup.

Fill the fridge with beer. Kiss the wife and kids. Pull out all that stuff you use to help the team win, it's time. I'll tune in tonight for the games and of course like most of you, set the DVR for tomorrows Ranger game in Europe. But the long wait is over, HOCKEY IS BACK!

No promises but it does look like I'll have some time to post this season. I need it. Even if no one comes here to read, I need the outlet. Stop by when you can, we'll catch up. Send me email at

Enjoy the season folks......this one is gonna be different.


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