Friday, August 31, 2012


Me entering the ice at the Nassau Coliseum in 2001
I have yet to put together the next "History" article but did want to pop on if only to say hello. I am quite concerned about what looks to be a certain lockout by the NHL and Mr. Bettman. There is no news at all about anything close to an agreement. All I have heard suggests that there is much disagreement between the NHLPA and the NHL. This is of course, bad news.

I was holding out hope that we'd have a season begin on time. I had no reason for optimism, I was just hoping as I miss the game as usual while August comes to an end. September is pure joy for me as when the fall begins and summer ends, Hockey Season starts. Camps open and all my spare time is consumed by the addiction that is hockey at the NHL level. As I mentioned the day the NY Rangers acquired Rick Nash, the hockey gods don't much like us Rangers fans so any happiness we may have had that day was wasted as we'd be punished by a lockout. It sure looks like I was right.

The two sides are so far apart that on countless message board posts you'll find dissections of the proposals and how out of their minds people are about it. It seems clear to me that the NHLPA has been adult like and the NHL is hell bent on a lockout. The Hockeyrodent spits out quite the rant today on this topic. Here's a clip;"You don't see Gary offering to place twenty percent of your ticket price into escrow such that you can get that portion refunded at the end of the year should your team not reach the playoffs".

 I happen to agree with the Rodent and while his theme is one he's posted on before, Bettman and Co. have made his theory accurate. It's amazing to think that in this economy the NHL brass will risk a lockout. It's been said that they believe that we the fans will come back as we did last time. That just might be true. I for one have had it. I'm sick of this crap and I know, I vowed not to cover it....I'm not covering it, I'm whining about it, OK?

I have threatened to write about politics if there is a lock out and after the Republican convention this week and the Democrats upcoming shin dig, I sure have a lot of topics I can cover. There's no shortage of stuff to opine on. But you and I both know I'd much rather talk about Rick Nash leading the NY Rangers to the Stanley Cup.

On a side note, I may be getting an opportunity to serve our military service members through education, something I had been involved with during the last 4 years at an online university. If it happens to work out I wish to say how honored I will be to serve those who serve. Hockeybird has always been proud of our American heritage and I'm quite sure that it will continue as long as this domain is active.

So, go read the Rodent. And, let's hope that Bettman comes to his senses and realizes how much we the fans mean to the game. Let's hope he understands that this time, taking us for granted is a gamble. If he screws this up it could take years to recover and after all the positive things that have happened to the NHL since the '04 lockout, it would be a shame to see his gamble crap out.

----}- Bird

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