Sunday, July 25, 2010

Staying Alive

Hello NY and everywhere else, I'm Bird and well, still here. You won't care to hear about the recent issues surrounding my life or even that of Hockeybird. You want Ranger stuff. OK, I understand that. Here's what I can promise.....

In the next few weeks there will be some activity around here. There will be a podcast of some sort as we work out the details and logistics with the Rodent. In addition, the Rodent has agreed to put in the time and effort to help me republish the content once found at this domain. I can't promise all of it, but how cool would it be to read the old Rocha report cards or a Brian Leeds article? I'll let you know how that project works out.


The timing of this may not be bad. I hate August more than any other month in regards to my hockey fixation. I'm already jonesing for a hit. Maybe a trip down memory lane is just the thing to help the time pass before camp opens in early September. In fact, that trip has already begun. The NHL network is playing all the final Cup winning games in sequence and this past Friday was 1994. A thread on Rodents board got me to comment on a discussion of whether the Devils game seven was a better game that the Cup win at MSG over Vancouver. I wrote this.......

I still enjoy reliving those games, that season. I remember so many details, it's almost sad when one thinks about just how long ago that was. I too think of the Mattau goal and game as the highlight of that special year. The torturous final was the icing on the cake in a way. It was as if we survived the Devils series we had won the Cup already. Perhaps that's what made the last three games so gut wrenching. The expectation of winning was turned back into the old Ranger Fan thought process, "we'll lose this somehow".

There was a cocky-ness to the team and it's fans all season long. It just felt right from the git-go....the wins in England over Toronto fueled what was beyond an optimistic feeling. It was much more like destiny. We all just knew it was our year. In Edmonton when Adam popped his 50th and 51st...well that was just proof it was going to happen. The save at the all-star game by Richter on Bure at MSG was more fodder for our cocky confidence. The sweep and near sweep in the first two rounds confirmed for all of us what we knew to be true.

The game one OT loss to the Devs brought us back to a more realistic place in our minds...kinda. I still convinced myself that a minor setback was not going to prevent us from that Cup. Thinking back on it now, the Devs scared the sh*t out of us. I think that's why the game seven OT win meant so much and perhaps over shadows the grueling final series. It solidified the thought that despite the hockey gods intent on our madness, it was our time, our season.....and our Cup.

No more 1940.

No more curse.

We will walk together....forever. And no one, I mean no one..... can ever take that away.


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