Sunday, September 16, 2012


So the NHL BOG declares a lockout, the second one in less than a decade and they expect me to come back with bells on when they finally fix it. BULLSXXT.

The Rodent has announced his exit and I have publicly stated many times that I would write about politics and abandon the NHL after so many years of covering the NHL on Hockeybird.

They think we're kidding.

They think we'll be back.

Think again.

I'm now going to publish my thoughts on the upcoming election, the current state of politics and my thoughts on the day to day stuff that affects politics.

But before I do I want to make one last NHL comment.

I want to thank Mr. Bettman for fxxking up my 50th birthday. Nice going axxhole.

OK, I got that out of my system. sorry for the bad language but I'm a little pissed off.


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icycup said...

wow. cant believe you and rodent have also turned your back on the NHL. im so fed up as well and believe that bettman is the root of so much that is wrong with the league. too bad. 4 work stoppages in 20 years... you know the old saying, screw me once, shame on you. screw me twice, shame on me. but screw me three times and now screw me four times? im too old for this shit and my free time is much too precious. so... ill be back to your site to read more about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket! LOL. thanks for a great hockey site over the years.