Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Folks, the video speaks for itself. I don't know these guys but I support them all the way. Hockeybird was always about a voice for the regular guy, the fan. This movement is in the same vein. We usually say that the NHL or the teams don't care much what we say whether it was here at Hockeybird or elsewhere. While I still believe that to be true, they do care about our money....it's what they are fighting over.

Now, I'm not going to get into why I am supporting the players in this lockout nor am I going to spend any time dissecting how we got here and what the NHL has done to ruin our game. What I will say is that the ONLY way we have ever been able to influence them is with our cash. I'm taking the pledge.....as a hockey fan you are tough, but are you tough enough to take the pledge with me?

I'm pissed about this. I'm ticked off that we the fans have been taken for granted and screwed yet again. I'm telling ya here and now, I won't be giving the NHL any of my money even if they come back. I won't go to a single game this year or next. No hats, no jerseys......no nuthin'. For me, it's become personal. I have dedicated many years in promoting the NHL game and to be treated like this a second time is beyond the pale.

You can decide on your own what you want to do but if anything I've written over the last decade or so has meant anything to you.....do me this favor. Join in this protest. If enough people can get organized THEN and only then will the NHL take us seriously.

Do it......Just Drop It.

----}- Bird
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