Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Season New Show

My last visit to MSG was Messier's last NHL game
Hello NY and everywhere else, I'm Bird and you are at the one and only I know, it's been a while. Look, I very much appreciate that Hockeybird was once a daily read for a lot of hockey fans. It's never going to be what it was again. I don't have the time it takes to do it correctly and the writers have all gone on to other things (although you can still read some of their wisdom and wisecracks at I'll do some commentary on the twitter and I'll post a few articles when I can. But the hey day of the site is long gone, as it should be. We filled a void and served a purpose (very well I might add) but there are so many places to get what we once provided that it makes no sense to try and repeat what is already available.

However, the Rodent and I still enjoy the game and when possible we will record and publish the Hockeyrodent - Hockeybird radio show for your listening pleasure. We finished a recording early this morning and I'm still in the post production phase. I hope to have it available sometime after tonight's home opener at the Worlds Most Famous Arena.

So, enjoy the game and don't hurt your thumb clicking back and forth between the game and the Giants vs Philly on Sunday Night Football. I should have the show ready post game and you can download it to listen during your work commute or whenever you have a hour and a half to kill.

Rick Nash and his wife are expecting their first child and her water broke. I went through this but was able to play my game. Rick will miss tonight's game as his priorities are straight. Sure, we need him but his wife and child need him more.

----}- Bird

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Christine Boyce said...

It's a very dark day indeed. Tried to come to the Paris reunion. Unfortunately I was having surgery that day. Saw your comment about me and Miley. So true. On the red carpet in black spandex we looked exactly the same! Hope you are well Christine