Wednesday, September 7, 2016

AND SO IT BEGINS..........

Hello South Florida, New York and everywhere else, I'm Bird and this is the all new Hockeybird now covering your Florida Panthers.

I have a lot to explain and I won't be doing that now. Back in the day, Hockeybird was THE place to read about the NY Rangers and the NHL. From 1997 thru 2007 this place was one hell of a site. The front page featured links to news, commentary and we had a cast of writers second to none.

As I get this place set up for the new season (and our new team) I noticed that there are not a lot of  news outlets covering the Cats and not so many fan sites. But, at least we have a new Hockeybird logo.

Over the next few weeks I'll try and get set up for the season and we do have the World Cup to cover.

For now, relax. It's Florida......warm weather, beaches and golf courses. No worries.

I do want to point out that the rink where the Cats practice has developed one heck of a hockey program for the youth of the area. Read about it here. Growing up on Long Island it wasn't until the Islanders won a bunch of Cups that we began to see rinks and programs and today, Long Island sends players to the NHL. Florida is going to do the same.

I know, this is not much of a start but we'll get going. For now, have a great day and enjoy the sun!

----}- Bird
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