Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Hello South Florida and everywhere else.........well, that sucked.

I had to turn it off after the second period. I just couldn't watch anymore. I didn't feel good going in but the opening goal gave me brief hope. Hope that was quickly dashed with a few even quicker Canadian goals.

Now I will say this, to put on that Maple Leaf and play in Toronto means a hell of a lot to the Canadian players. As kids they dreamed of this chance. I get it. But the U.S. had 1980, the '96 World Cup and a slew of World Junior championships to lean on. But it's not the same. All eyes in Canada are on this tourney, few if any are watching in the lower 48. Just us I'd guess.

The crying has begun. Fire everyone!

At least we can still watch great hockey and it becomes more enjoyable for me without having to sweat out games. I just root for great plays, great saves and close games. Perhaps now I can begin to study the Panther roster and look forward to opening night.

For the was fun while it lasted.

----}- Bird

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