Monday, September 19, 2016


Hello South Florida and everywhere else, welcome back.

Many Cat fans are thrilled with 12 players in the World Cup and the rookie Cats played well this weekend. But Team USA is in trouble. I admit, I was celebrating number 54 this weekend and may have ingested a few adult beverages. I did not study each game played though I did record them. Honestly, I can't see myself taking the time to breakdown Team USA's loss as there are too many games to watch.

That they lost is enough to go on. It puts them in a tough spot of having to beat Canada on Tuesday night. If and only if they win will they have a shot at a final game. My gut tells me they will show up to play but beating Canada in a must win situation is not something I'd bet on. I hope they prove me wrong.

At some point I'd love to post on the weird teams assembled for this tourney. Team Europe and Team North America seem gimmacky to me. That aside, the kids from team NA are young, have nothing to lose and may just surprise everyone. They beat Finland last night and take on Russia tonight. Watch this team, comprised of 23 & unders from Canada and the US these kids are having fun and playing well. I may just have to root for them as the older US squad looks to an early exit.

This tourney is about to heat up over the next few days so tune in and have fun! I'll try and live tweet during tonights game as well as Tuesdays US vs Canada tilt. Follow me at @hockeyangrybird

----}- Bird

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