Saturday, September 24, 2016


Over the years I have been lucky enough to be on stage with some of the best bands/musicians on the planet. An actual dream come true story for a dumb kid from Levittown, Long Island NY. I may not have understood back then what I know now, we all have a chance to be a part of history. Last night in West Palm Beach three bands took the stage all of whom have been honored and inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Cheap Trick, Live at Buddakhan - as a kid it was on the pop stations at the same time Ring My Bell was a hit. Most of us know all the songs from that LP.

Heart, Barracuda - sure, they were not in my playlist but Nancy and Ann still got it and that's still a great song.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Bad Reputation - What can I say about Joan that I haven't already? The wife and I were remembering last night about when we were in the City to see Rocky Horror on Broadway (we went to a lot of Broadway shows in the early 90s) and as we crossed the street I hear, "Hey Bird!". It was Kenny Laguna, Joan's longtime manager and band member. I hadn't seen him in a while. When he found out we were going to the show he asked us to come backstage afterwards to say hi to Joan. Joan played Riff Raff. He must have told her I was there and she actually came to our seats during the show! Backstage we met Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show. What a blast! 

While I may know a bunch of R&R hall of famers it was only when the Blackhearts were inducted that I felt a part of it. I feel like I've been part of the Blackheart family because that's how they make you feel. The whole organization really appreciates the support given by radio guys like me and their fans. I remember while in Pittsburgh at WXXP she and I called up a few of her fans. It wasn't for my show......she just wanted to say thanks and she really made the kids feel great when she called out of the blue. 
The last few years have been quite busy for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts with tours like The WHO, a new album (Unvarnished) the Hall induction and this tour. Yet, they still found time to be a part of the movie, Dare To Be Different about WLIR. Out in 2017 and I still can't believe I'm in it.

From Julie at Blackheart records to former guitarist Ricky Byrd and drummer Tommy Price to Kenny and Joan herself, I've not been treated so well by an artist I played in the clubs or on my radios shows. Thank you to the entire Blackheart family for once again letting me and my family hang out and celebrate Rock & Roll history. Last night was the final show of the three month tour of these three rock legends. It was an honor to once again hang with the Blackheart gang.

----}- Bird

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