Friday, October 7, 2016


Hello Florida and everywhere else, we survived Mathew pretty well but I have to admit that a CAT 4 off the coast scared the crap outta me.

For those new to Hockeybird, we arrived in Florida in 2004. We were welcomed to the Sunshine State with Frances, Charlie, Ivan and Jeanne. Four consecutive hurricanes. In 2005 we got hit bad with Wilma. those were all smaller storms and we went weeks without power or internet. You can imagine what I was thinking with the huge storm approaching this time.

Last night I did watch a few minutes of the Flyer vs Ranger game but spent most of the time monitoring the hurricane. I expect to be back to normal shortly, I'm just putting my business back together this morning but wanted to pop on and say thanks for the prayers and thoughts as they definitely worked! A short shift to the left and we could have had major damage here.

From Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach it looks OK. I'll get out and drive a bit to visit clients later today.


On the Panthers, since the Bolts game was cancelled they are still thinking about losing four preseason contests in a row. That's not very concerning to me but the first significant injury has hit the Cats and that is a little bit concerning. Nick Bjugstad, the 6' 6" center is out for what may be about eleven regular season games due to a broken bone in his hand. Steve Goldie Goldstein tweeted out yesterday that the Cats have a replacement but hardly as strong as Nick. We will keep an eye on this.

----}- Bird

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