Tuesday, December 20, 2016


No, we're not related........

I'm still unclear what this means for the hockey club but the President elect has selected Panther's owner Vinnie Viola to be the Secretary of the Army. As a West Point grad (and a Ranger) Mr. Viola has combined his military background with his business skills to become quite a success story. I won't list his accomplishments here, they'll be in all the articles.

There was a feeling I got that Mr. Viola was a hands on kinda guy when it came to the Panthers. I attended the unveiling of the new logo back in the summer and he took the stage, took command and took on all questions. I was impressed and wished I could meet the guy. I just know if we met, I'd be hired to work in the Panther organization. I also got a little "Jerry Jones" sensation meaning his hands on might not always be a good thing. One can point to the firing of the coach earlier this season. Too much meddling can hurt a team. It can also help. It's taken a while but the Cowboys look to be a contender. George Steinbrenner produced championships. Perhaps Mr. Viola would have too.

Now that's on hold as he will step down from his Panther obligations to serve our country once again. I'd expect his return at some point. For now, it remains unclear how this affects the team and it's success.

Miami Herald here.

Sun Sentinel here.

The Washington Post.

Well, this was not expected..........seems like I say that a lot these days :-)

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