Sunday, August 20, 2017


Hello NY, South Florida and everywhere else.......I'm Bird and you're here in the Birdcage.

DJ Bird at Tribeca Film Festival 4-2017 in NYC

I'm sorry I haven't covered the NHL or much else, I'm dealing with a personal issue and it's eating up all my time. I'm not going to promise something I can't follow through on but I can say Hockeybird will remain active in one way or another.

I'm a little surprised that Jagr wasn't part of the Panthers plans for the upcoming season. With camp fast approaching I do expect him to sign somewhere. personally, I think the Cats should retain his services. Power play and leadership are what he offers and he can still control the puck with the best of 'em.

So I will cover the Cats and I'll continue to cover the NY Rangers. I tried but failed to discard my Ranger fandom. When I took my oldest to see the Rangers vs. the Panthers here in Sunrise it became clear I CAN'T root against the Rangers. Sorry.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I can't cover the NHL as this place once did. I will pop on as time permits to comment on the Cats, Rangers or any NHL issues I think important.

Each year August sucks for us hockey fans. But we are close.

As to my personal issue I can say this.......I love my family. My wife and two girls are why I'm still alive. I've sacrificed everything for them and that will never change.

May God bless you all and hang in there, Hockey will be back before you know it!

Last point.....the movie Dare To Be Different is showing in L.A. soon and there will be a few more festivals coming up. For details visit the official site.

----}- Bird


jo ammirati said...

So, I used to know this guy "DJ Bird" at Gatsbys in Westbury, NY. We hung out with John "Johnny Bucks", and the band, Gemini. To this day, when I hear U2 - or APB- I think of him, and tequila shots...could that be you?

bird said...

Yes, it's me!

bird said...

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