Sunday, October 8, 2017

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL? my life that means an oncoming train. Bring it.

Dad turned 85 this July - Espo has been kind to us 

So, last we spoke I was prepping for Irma and we made it safe. The storm cost me money I don't have and to this day there are piles of debris scattered all around south Florida and it'll take a while for the effects to fully be dealt with. But when one thinks of the disasters around just our own country, it's hard to complain. My family is alive and safe. My prayers go out to all of those dealing with this years storms and of course, those in Las Vegas. I'm glad my friend Troy is ok.

I won't bore you with's been a rough time here at Hockeybird. However, HOCKEY IS BACK! Yup, I turned on the TV and there it was.

Honestly, it's just not as enjoyable right now. I used sports as an escape from our everyday problems....politics, the news as it is. Our world is upside down and yet, it was watching hockey after I retired that made me happy. I'm just not there yet. I sure hope you are.

The Panthers have a young team with a new coach and I don't have great expectations this year. They'll need a few seasons together to really develope. Don't give up on them.....just don't expect a Cup this year. Yes, it's another tough season for Cats fans. Attendance is going to be an issue while this team tries to find it's identity. I can see positive steps but.....too many moving parts right now. The Cats are a work in progress and it's been a roller coaster ride for the fans.

The Rangers......geeze......I dunno. I felt like the window had closed when they failed the season after the Cup run. I don't see anything that changes that. Henke isn't going to get better anymore as he had in years past. The team itself isn't built on paper to dominate the East and while they may get a playoff birth, I don't get a Cup feel from them either. Like the Cats I can see some positive steps......but there's a few issues I have with the roster and for whatever reason, management doesn't see it the way I do. The center position just isn't strong enough. I like Stephan but he's not a number one in this league. He has come close but his numbers speak for themself. Mika Zibanejad has quickly become a favorite of mine but he's also not quite a number one. I have hope for him though.

Granted, I'm not paying attention as I have in the past. Don't go making bets on my words here. But, as someone who someone who knew this game well......both teams look as if there isn't a real confidence from top to bottom. It's just a feeling I'm getting.

Tell ya what, let's get 20 games in or so.......that's a good benchmark. We can revisit the feel of each team then.

I want to thank everyone who reached out, I'm impressed and a bit overwhelmed. It's nice to know that you care that much. My girls and I are OK and we will march on. If it comes to it, I'll open a go fund me page but we are OK right now.

Since I'll need a diversion I do plan on watching as much Hockey as possible. You know me, I can't shut I'll post when I can but it's possible I could find a way to use Hockeybird to heal. No promises.....just a warning :-)

----}- Bird

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