Sunday, September 9, 2018


I know right? What a weird show......but it's a process that had to happen.

From this show forward, every one will be a regular show as if you punched up 92.7 or 100.7 back in 1986. As for this show.....the first set is a strange mix of songs I enjoyed playing in the clubs early in the night or really late. The second set is U2......mostly really early recordings. I loved playing U2 sets before they became popular.....before War and Red Rocks came out. I started playing U2 at the Camelot Inn and then Monkey's. Once I got to Paris New York......well, you should know the story by now.

Depeche Mode
Renegade Soundwave
The Psychedelic Furs
U2 -
11 O'Clock Tic Tock
A Celebration
Another Day
Two Hearts
New Years Day
A Day Without Me

I will still be recording dance mixes......I'll post 'em on Facebook and when there are a few, I'll post them here on Hockeybird.

----}- Bird

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