Saturday, March 9, 2019


Denis once told me that you never know who's out there listening.......I was surprised to hear about some of the artists we played who actually listened to WLIR. I was quite pleased to hear both Richard Butler and Joey Ramone tell Denis during interviews how they listened to my show. I remember seeing David Johansen after a show and he told me that he missed hearing me on the station that dares.....

I actually brought my first championship trophy to bed with us

Andy Link scores the Championship goal, with one arm!

Andy Link was on the first line of the Falcons, scoring the game winning goal with one arm in my first championship. Andy and his beautiful wife, Danielle have been listening to the Birdcage and I wanted to dedicate a song to them in remembrance of our great team. We made the finals four consecutive seasons winning three championships. We only lost the one because I was playing with a torn hamstring and yes, we got to the finals but I just couldn't stop those damned Tomcats. No worries, we faced them the following season and yes, karma is a bitch. We kicked their ass.

So episode six is dedicated to Andy and Danielle, Billy, Pat, Mike & Big Jim. The Falcon's starting five. The best hockey team I ever played for. (Danielle didn't actually play but she did come to a lot of our games)

This show features the following artists:

Sisters of Mercy
The Professionals
The Long Ryders
The Violent Femes
Our Daughters Wedding
The Cure
The Hoodo Gurus
Twelve Drummers Drumming
Georgio Moroder & Phil Oakley
The Smiths
The Tourists
The Bongos

Download or just stream it......and scroll down for previous shows!

----}- Bird

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