Tuesday, April 2, 2019


The Birdcage 2019 is currently available in three different places. XX Radio is wxxp.com WLIR.fm has it's own app and here at Hockeybird, we just post 'em for you to listen or download.

Lucky for me, I have managed to record a bunch of shows in advance......so for the next few months, you will still get new shows. However, due to issues I don't care to describe, I need to focus on some personal issues. This may prevent me from recording new shows. So, for now......I'll have a bunch of shows for you and we will see what happens in the future.

Episode Nine includes the following artists:

The Beastie Boys
Nitzer Ebb
Prince (sound check recording)
The Clash
X Ray Spex
Depeche Mode
Book or Love
The Revolting Cocks
Ian Dury
Bow Wow Wow
Danielle Dax
The Ramones

----}- Bird

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