Saturday, April 3, 2010


So for better or worse, we're back here at Hockeybird.

OK, at the start of tonight's third period, my youngest asks how she can help. I explained to Juliana that we needed her to cheer for the Blueshirts...... and she did. 18 seconds later, number 18 pops one to tie it up. He's scored a few recently and that should not go un-noticed.

The additional goals and the two points were assumed by me as I had already explained to my two girls how this works. In between periods 2 & 3 I suggested that the locker room speech would be conducted by Henke, just like it was in MY playing days. I said the Henke would promise to shut the door and would ask his teammates for just two goals. Normally an NHL club needs three to win on most nights. But tonight, just give me two. I'll handle the rest.

He did. And they did.

Watching this contest was interesting as Lundqvist was directing the rebounds to safe areas nearly all night. That's not what I've seen all year. I'm sure you have seen as I have, way too many rebounds that go into the slot area. Not tonight. He was on top of his game.

Lemme explain a bit. As a keeper there are times that just getting in front of a shot to prevent a goal is enough. However, when you have the time, sending the rebound to a safe area or one of your own players is possible. When in doubt, send it to the corner. It's harder for a team to score from there than a rebound in the slot....duh. Tonight, Henke was able to see the puck for a slightly(er) more amount of time, allowing him to direct most pucks into the corners. That's huge.

So in less than 24 hours, the Rangers eliminated the state of Florida from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Bring on Pennsylvania!

A HUGE BEER ME to all.


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