Saturday, April 10, 2010

One more, once

Lemme get this straight......

Two must win games to go vs. the hated Flyers and the boys win the first to set up a "superbowl" like setting at my house on Sunday. Outstanding! OK, it's true that I went public with my feelings about a win tonight. Don't ask, I just got one of those feelings.

Over at the Rodent, the Berth-O-Meter is at 51% or so. A coin flip. Two weeks ago it didn't seem possible. Sure, there will be a time to disect this season and it's NYR flaws but now one must give credit to the boys and Torts for getting here.

Dan Girardi fixed a past faux paus by jumping a Flyer after a hit on # 42. Unlike the beating he allowed Gabby to take a while back, Dan did not hesitate to take action. Don't think for a second that this is lost inside the Ranger locker room. Atta boy Danny.

You do know that somewhere, right now.....Joe is saying, "Sam, that 4th line is getting better and better." They are fun to watch, eh?

If you are in the nieghborhood, stop by on Sunday at 3pm. HDTV and beer. On me.


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