Sunday, April 11, 2010


So there you have it. Another end to another NHL season.

First, congrats to Philly for two reasons. They deserve it. They won it fair and square. And, it gives me an open to complain about the shootout once again.

That is no way to decide who wins a spot in the NHL playoffs. I hate the shootout and I always have. Granted, I would have accepted a NYR I accept the loss. But tell me, seriously....did that work for you?

OK, not a fair question at this point.

Honestly, I thought the Rangers would win up until it was officially recorded as a loss. I thought we could have won in regulation. But the Flyers did hit a number of posts.....they could have won it outright as well. I guess it just one of those happens and one must learn to deal with it. Gimme a little time to digest, OK?

More comments and perhaps I'll coax the Rodent into a podcast to discuss the season in a little while.

For now.....BEER ME.

I need to be numb.



Bill said...

Welcome back! Loosing to the Flyers is the worst feeling ever. I watch the first few minutes of ann Devils-Flyers games praying both teams spontaneously combust at center ice.

dsack said...

Next year use the hardest shot as the official skill competition to determine who win big games.

Mofudd said...

A bit late, but my 2 cents on the way the season ended.

First of all, I hate the shootout and want it gone. My first reaction was that that was no way to end a season, to be eliminated by a skills competition.

That said, in the past, the game would have ended in a tie and we would have been eliminated by the tiebreak, which is worse IMO.

The reason I think it's worse is that if two teams end up with the same number of points, it should not matter how they accumulated them. Otherwise, you are admitting that your point system is flawed (which I think it is, personally I prefer a 3-2-1-0/W-OW-OL-L system). If you stand by your point system, then two teams with the same # of pts at the end of the season should be equally deserving of a playoff spot. The only fair way to decide who goes on and who has an early summer is a one game playoff as in baseball. In such a case, I think it would be fair to use the tiebreak to select the home team.