Sunday, April 11, 2010

Game Day # 82

Can you feel this?

I felt it the moment my eyes opened. This is why we do this. For days just like this. Sure, much of the world will be into the Phil/Tiger show in Georgia....but not us. We're focused on one game, winner take all.

I hate the Flyers more than any other NHL team. To this day I won't shake hands with Bobby Clarke, and we've met on several occations. This game is more than just another hockey game, more than just a shot at the playoffs. It's against the hated win we must, win we will!

It's way too early for for now. But as game time approaches, BEER ME!

BTW: Over at the Rodent, there are pics of a roller hockey game that was played by the readers. Kevin, who played Bobby Granger was injured. He's listed as day to day but my guess is that he'll be fine for today. Cally and Avery.....not so much.


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