Sunday, October 30, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

It's nice to see those of you who have been visiting since the beginning and you know who you are. It's a shame that you won't be getting a positive spin from me today. I can', I won't do it.

I was told by a co-worker that it's the defense that's the culprit here. No I answered, we can't score. True, we are young and sorely miss Sauer and Staal. True, DZ has not been stellar. But if you watch closely you'd see that in almost every game, the D and our Keepers have given the Rangers a chance to win. It's the lack of scoring that's the issue in my eyes.

Of course I expect a move to sure up the young blueline, like nearly every pundit I read or hear. However, if our top 2 lines can't pop goals and the third doesn't chip in, we're not going anywhere.

I don't feel it's necessary for me to bring back to earth those calling for Torts to be fired. They wouldn't listen to me any way. And please, .......bring back Avery? That's your answer? Really? How does a 3 goal season from a guy who is off-sides nearly every shift help what ails us? Be realistic here. Your man-crush on Sean is unbecoming. Yes, I'd like to see the passion return to this group. I want this team to be what they developed into last season, a pain in the ass to play against. Right now, they look to be a soft spot on the schedule instead. Sean would only add a few easy lines for the beat writers. My respect for Uncle Larry (developed when he showed up here at Hockeybird for two interviews) doesn't prevent me from calling him out for being a prick. We get it, you don't like the coach.

Nothing less than hard work, shot blocking and all out effort will suffice here. This team needs to remember that it wins when it plays together and all out.

While I'm at it.....I have many times suggested that Dubi is a future NHL team captain. Cally gets the C and while it's well deserved we may be seeing a leadership issue with this team. And you, don't deserve the C with the way you have been playing so far. Unfortunately, he just may be a Captain......for the team he's traded to. No, I'm not advocating moving him. I just see a possible Sather maneuver that includes him. Face it, many had the Rangers penciled in to one of the playoff spots this year. Right now it looks like we'll have to sweat out a shot at the eighth spot instead. Something needs to change and quickly. Let's hope these guys figure it out or the move Slats makes is the correct one. Until then, it sure does feel like most other Ranger seasons right now, not the warm & fuzzy I had felt before opening night.

----}- Bird

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