Friday, October 21, 2011

West Coast Points

If you stayed up late to watch last night's event in Calgary you were treated to 64 minutes and 58 seconds of hockey. Ryan McDonagh bolted in, down deep with just a few tics left on the clock and popped the game winner for point number two on the night. The first come at the end of regulation as it was 2-2. Most Rangers fans will be both grumpy from the late night, yet happy about a second win in a row. I'm in that group.

The good news is that the Rangers finally converted on the power play and Prust netted a short hander. The bad news is that once again they were badly out shot. Henke showed a little frustration after the second goal against when he was screened by his own guy. Block it or get out of the way, damnit.

Del Zotto made a very bad decision that didn't end up in a goal, but should have. I'm guessing that Torts has addressed this with the kid already. I like his offencive game but he needs some work fer sure. Give him time. I believe his upside is worth waiting on while the other aspects of his game continue to improve.

We lost a ton of face offs last night. That's something to pay attention to.

It will be a late night tomorrow but most can sleep in on Sunday so no worries. Edmonton is young and talented, yet not a scary team. I don't want to see a let down. Those two points are important. The Rangers will be OK as long as they can survive until Staal and Sauer get back. Speaking of the D, did you chuckle when Erixon was boo-ed each time he touched the puck in Calgary last night? I did.

Enjoy your day, we're on a winning streak while out west. Nice.

“I'm excited about getting the two points, but more importantly, for most of the game I thought we played better as a team.”
- John Tortorella, after the Rangers' 3-2 overtime win Thursday in Calgary.

----}- Bird

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