Sunday, October 9, 2011

Two Points Wasted?

That's one way to look at it. I mean, plenty of Power Play time unused. Zuc is supposed to win us the shoot-out. Little to no 5 on 5 offense. These things will be troubling if they continue.

The Rodent wasn't please with what he saw but is correct in pointing out that we don't have enough data to chew on just yet. In other words....don't panic yet.

There's another way to look at the first two as well. Normally we swing out West and hit a buzz saw. We don't get those points with the Ducks and Kings as the home club and suffer just as bad in Calgary and Vancouver. Any chance you'd see these two points as a positive now? Naa, probably not.

Mark Staal needs to be healthy for the rest of the season more than he needs to get back ASAP if you know what I mean. Sure, it would be great to see him return next week but I'm glad they are taking the time needed to ensure his complete  recovery. His presence will be a huge boost to this blue-line corps.

Henke was great at times but it's toughest to stop the flub shots as seen in the shoot-out winner. I hated those and still do. Makes a Keeper look bad. One must anticipate to be in the right position at the NHL level (or any other for that matter) as today's players can roof it from in close, like Brad did in the third to tie it up. Tough to fault either keeper on either goal.

The boys have a week to rest up and re-adjust to being in North America. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about "flu like symptoms". There's some work to do before taking on the Islanders and i for one would like us to be ready to bring it that night.

----}- Bird


Chris Dyer said...

Great Having you back Bird, Love your insight... Go Rangers!

Anonymous said...

The Isles beat the Rangers. It's 1980 all over again.

It's like where Fence meets Border and nothing can cross.