Monday, July 9, 2012


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OK, it's been a while. I kinda disappeared after the Rangers lost to the Devils. Honestly, I was relieved when it ended. In looking back, the big time stress began with the sixth game vs. the Sens and built after that. At no point did the Rangers win easy. At no time was there any mental rest. This past season and playoff run was as hard on the fans as it must have been for the players. We all ran out of gas. The team did so for a variety of reasons....we as fans did in reaction to what we saw on the ice.

Now don't get me wrong here. I am not complaining, just stating facts. I am in fact very happy with the 2011-2012 NY Rangers as a team. It's the old...."if you told me we'd play a game six in the eastern conference finals.....where do I sign" deal. I'm unsure how many who bleed blue would argue this point. We all had expectations but I don't believe many expected a cup or even a trip to the finals. Many had already opined the need for at least one more goal scorer and perhaps one additional D man.

The NY Rangers won their division and the Eastern conference in the regular season. Hell, they damn near won the presidents trophy. They won the outdoor classic over Philly. That in itself is a good season for a fan right there. But two game seven wins in the first two rounds in the playoffs were even better.

I know, the loss to Uncle Daddy stings. Even more so or worse(ly) as the Devs didn't get a win until game four and never looked the part of a Cup finalist. Many Ranger fans felt that our team would have put on a better showing. That's of course bullshit.....but fans do have their opinions. Yes, it hurts. But let's not kid ourselves here. The Rangers had their chances but it was the Devils who came out on top, fair and square.

With a new CBA in the works it's kinda hard to worry too much at this point about what might happen in the coming season. I for one will let this CBA thing take care of itself. Hockeybird was breaking news during the last lockout, that's not gonna happen this time. I'm all by myself here and don't give a rat's ass who gets what in the agreement when it comes. I will say this however, if the owners and players miss any regular season games then you'll be reading Hockeybird for a different reason. I'll turn this into a political blog.....right leaning thoughts on whatever the political topic of the day. That's right, I'm happy to move on. The owners in the NHL and it's players better realize that this time, the economy and the reality it brings to the fans (me) will supersede their childish fighting over $$$. I doubt that the game can take a hit right now. With every little thing going in a positive direction for the game, now is not the time to take fans for granted.

That's not a threat, just reality.

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