Saturday, May 19, 2012


You'll have to read below to understand but the fact that the Rangers will play game 4 at MSG this coming Monday, May 21st is icing on the cake for this team and my fandom this year.

WhWhat can one say about Henke's performance today? The best keeper in the NHL shutout the devs and beat perhaps the best keeper ever in the NHL, again. How sweet it is. Now hold on there......two wins does not a series make. Don't think for a second that the series is over. The dEvils will be bringing it on Monday and frankly, should have won today. They played a hell of a game but a bounce here, a huge Henke save there......and some heart attack avoiding goals by Danny and the Kid gives the good guys a two games to one advantage.

Yes, there were times today I was thinking about what could have been done differently to win. I almost expected the Devs to score that all important first one. It never came.

More later as I'm out to celebrate my 13th Wedding anniversary, because we can't on Monday.

The curse is broken.......and what the hell, who wants pie?



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