Friday, October 19, 2012


Back on September 17th I asked out loud why there were lies associated with the killing of our Libyan Ambassador. On September 26th after viewing some horrid video and talking with a few contacts I asked again. Now, over a month later I have to ask one more time.......why are we being lied to?

Our President with the cheshire cat like smile on his face challenged Mr. Romney during the debate  this past Tuesday exclaiming that he in fact did refer to the event as an act of terror on September 12th in the Rose garden at the White House. After a careful review of that transcript and tape I find the claim more than disturbing. During that same debate exchange, the President called any attempt to paint he or his staff with politicizing the events in Benghazi as "offensive". He was inferring that Mr. Romney's press release condemning the language of a release by the Egyptian Embassy was offensive and too early. Perhaps it was.  Um......offensive may be the correct term indeed. However, it looks to me, plain as day that the White House staff and yes, even the President have done the exact same thing, only worse.

Let's make believe that Mr. Obama did indeed suggest the event was an act of terror. Then why would he and his staff counter that in public for two weeks? That just doesn't add up at all. In fact, logic dictates that they would continue to back up a comment made by the President like that but in no way shape or form did the President or his staff publicly label the event a terrorist attack. Quite the opposite, they very emphatically told us, the American people........that this was the result of an angry mob, egged on by a stupid video and that things got out of hand.


OK, maybe they had bad intel? Nope. The intel available to ME suggests that that scenario is not at all possible. I'd like to think the White House has access to better intel than I.

Perhaps they wanted to hold off on going public as they were still sorting through the details and had yet to come to a conclusive opinion. Nope again, not possible. The shear amount of information both public and classified take that right out of the mix. And if you remember, we got plenty of information about the bin Laden raid even though the details turned out to be incorrect. There was no waiting for the facts on that one. In addition, my intel contacts would liked to have had more "dark" time to better utilize and understand the actionable intel garnered at the bin laden compound. But no, the administration felt it was important to get this out to us ASAP. No politics there, eh?

Could it be that the President's campaign had been enjoying the perception that this administration looked to be strong on national security, something usually belonging to the Republicans? Could it be that the truth didn't fit their talking points on how al Qaeda is on the run and weak, that this President has achieved a win in the war on terror? Unfortunately, this seems to be the ONLY explanation that passes the sniff test.

Fact: Both the State Department and the Intel community knew that this was a planned attack on the Consulate in Libya while the event was taking place.

Fact: Members of this administration and the President himself went on TV and told the story of the movie for at least two weeks in what seemed to be a co-ordinated info dump.

Fact: Events leading up to September 11th suggested that the area was not safe and that more security was needed. This need was not addressed.

Look, I don't support Congressman Joe Wilson's disrespectful shouting of "LIER!" during the State of the Union speech. This however is different, this is just ME and no one of any importance reads this page (well, except you of course). I think I have no choice but to call it as I see it. Mr. President, with all due have LIED.

Now of course the media is having a rough go on this. I wonder why they haven't asked why the public has been misled or in fact lied to. I know they want him to win the election.....we all get that.  But at what point do they finally dig into this and give us some serious reporting? We'll have to wait until after the votes are counted I'd guess.

This is ugly folks. I imagine it's only going to get worse. Sadly, those who gave their life will have their service tainted by what looks to be a coverup of the facts at least for now. We just might find out that this may have been prevented, that help could have been sent during the event and that of course, in an attempt to win an election, the Obama team misled the American people.

----}- Bird
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