Thursday, October 4, 2012


Have any of you NHL fans started to miss the game yet?

I know I have. And perhaps it's why I'm grumpy these days. The NHL did finally cancel regular season games through Oct. 24th. They may as well announce the truth. We'll not have any NHL hockey for quite some time.

I know, here I go again. I promised I wouldn't cover the lockout. I never said I wouldn't complain about it. With players playing in European leagues and the owners standing behind Mr. Bettman I get the feeling that it'll be quite some time before a deal gets done.

I usually side with the NHLPA in these lockouts as a former player. However, I was not a member of the NHLPA and this time I out I support no one but the fans. We are the ones locked out, we are the ones who have no say which is bizarre in the sense that WE SUPPORT the entire NHL. It's we the fans who go to the games, buy the jerseys and support the sponsors and we get no say in these failed negotiations.

I can't say what'll happen in the future but I heard that MLB regular season ended. I wouldn't know as I no longer watch baseball. After they treated my fandom with disregard and disrespect I can't find any interest in the game. It was ruined by their selfishness.

I wonder if anyone involved in the current NHL/NHLPA negotiations understands this.

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