Monday, October 1, 2012


I know, this has got nothing to do with hockey or politics. But I am really kinda depressed by todays results. I woke up at 7 am to watch the pregame on the Golf channel. I watched all day long. There was no way they were going to was more about how they would win. It was supposed to be a celebration of the great game of golf.

Yet, one by one each American player folded.

What a total collapse! I've not seen a lose like that in quite some time. One must tip their cap to the Euro's who played their collective arses off. Ian Poulter was awesome. Normally I love watching him play well, but not today. Even matches where the Americans could have just hung on didn't go well. Putt after putt, shot after shot....all the holes went to the Europeans and frankly, they earned each one.

To top it off........the NY Giants lost to the hated Eagles.

What a crappy weekend.

And of course, there's NO FRIKKIN HOCKEY !

As my buddy Stellavito would ain't easy being me.

----}- Bird

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