Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The final score was 2-1 Rangers but this was in no way a typical Rangers - Flyers game.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

Not only did the Rangers win, they won face offs and scored on the power play. That in itself is damned awesome. From the opening face off, the Rangers looked like the better team, winning battles along the boards and dictating the play.....for the most part. On any other night I'd be thrilled with this win. Granted, this was not your typical slug-fest. I had expected fights from the opening draw and beyond......we didn't get that at all.

The Bad:

On more than one occasion the Rangers had chances to bury these guys but for one reason or another, they didn't take advantage of the opportunities provided. I have no explanation for why the many possible scoring opportunities didn't go in. It's not like Bryz was that good tonight. He was OK but not outstanding. Haggy seems to be snake-bit like Dubinsky was last season. The poor guy can't buy a goal with a fistful of Gretzky dust. His speed puts him in positions most players could only dream of and yet, he can't light the lamp. I sure hope this doesn't go on much longer as it will become a mental issue, adding to whatever else is going on.

The Ugly:

During my playing days I have unfortunately seen several guys separate their shoulders (or have an arm pop out of the socket) and the minute I saw the Captain, Ryan Callahan react the way he did, I winced as if I could feel his pain. Cally popped (pardon the uncool pun) the second of the two Ranger goals tonight and I have been pinning for someone other that Richards, Gabby or Nash to get involved in the scoring. To see him skate off the way he did gave me chills. Now I have NO info at all on his injury but it just doesn't look like a day to day thing. No, it just smacks of a long term thing. That folks, is UGLY for the Blueshirts.

Like all of you, I'm hoping for the best of course......I for one hope I'm DEAD WRONG. But it didn't look good, did it. The Rangers have showed a lack of depth in this early season and every other NHL team knows that especially after seeing Slats trying to sign Jason Arnott. If the Captain is to miss several weeks or more in this shortened season it does not bode well for the Rangers Cup aspirations. The price on any trade possibilities just went up and Slats knows it.


Again, I hope I'm wrong.

No Beer Me tonight, it's for drowning my sorrows. I can't remember a win feeling so crappy as this one does.

----}- Bird

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