Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hello NY and everywhere else, welcome back to Hockeybird.

I told you I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut. I know I once vowed never to tweet. However, I finally made the (drunk) decision to join twitter. Honestly, I don't remember much about the night I opened the account but I do know I was ticked off at the lockout and some how fumbled through the sign up process. I ended up with @hockeyangrybird and I'm still unsure how. It was several weeks later that I actually looked at it and decided I may as well tweet something.

My oldest daughter is what one would call a "Beleiber". That's a fan of that Justin kid to the 10th power. She tweets all the time and freaks out if Justin tweets something. She and my youngest were easily embarrassed by my referring to any incoming text on my phone as a tweet. The more it bothered them, the more I did it. Isn't embarrassing your kids a Dad's job? So anyhow, after being told time and time again that I knew not what a tweet was, I decided to enter the twitter-verse.

Unlike Hockeybird, I can just tweet out a line or two on the NY Rangers and the NHL at large. With just 160 characters I'm prevented from my usual way too many words to get to the point. So, some of you might actually enjoy following me. BTW: the other benefit to this tweet thing is that I can annoy the Rodent as he no longer posts rant on the Hockeyrodent front page but does tweet during NY Ranger games. I'm still laughing at my suggestion to him that the Rangers really miss Dubi and Artie (lost in the Nash trade) and I know it drives him nuts when I tweet, "Dubi would have scored on that breakaway" or, "Artie would have gotten that puck out of the corner". I have to admit that annoying my daughters each time I get a new follower is only surpassed by annoying the Rodent. I think I'm really going to enjoy this. I haven't had this much fun since I first began trashing Uncle Larry (NY Posts' Larry Brooks) on the front page of Hockeybird on a daily basis.

Now we are into our second week of NHL hockey and it's been a heck of a watch so far. Not only am I seeing Ranger games, I have tuned in for some very entertaining hockey around the league. And let's face it, Rick Nash is a BEAST. Ranger fans may be freaking out over the slow start but I'm convinced that this team will garner enough points to make the playoffs and then it's on. The attempt by Sather to sign Arnott suggests to me what both the Rodent and I have been saying for a while. It's time for an all out shot at the Cup. Just because Jason's knee prevented the deal doesn't mean Slats is giving up here. He'll be wheeling and dealing fer sure. Yep, I'm feeling pretty good about this season. Only time will tell of course but I remain convinced that this is the year the NYR win it all.

I am a bit concerned that the Rangers have loaded up the three big guys on the first line and the result has caused the Rangers to become a one line team. While at home with the last change, this can work a bit. However, on the road it smells like trouble. Someone in the next six has to start scoring. With Chris Kreider NOT becoming the rookie sensation most were counting on, the second and third lines have not produced much. Taylor Pyatt has used his size a bit and did pop a nice goal but I'm concerned about not seeing enough of a threat by the second line as it allows teams to concentrate on stopping Nash, Richards and Gabby. Right now if they are stopped, the Rangers lose. Hopefully someone will breakout or Slats will acquire the missing piece(s). Or just maybe Chris returns from his ankle injury and tears it up. We're gonna need something. Scoring on a 5 on 3 wouldn't hurt either. Is it too much to ask that the Rangers become a dangerous power play team for once......please?

One last note......I was quite saddened to hear that Michael Sauer has not improved and can't play. It's not just that he'd make the Rangers defense even better than they are now, the kid seems like a decent fellow and I really enjoyed watching him play. While we haven't heard much about concussions in the NHL so far, all it'll take is one shot to Sid Crosby's head and the topic will pick up where it left off last season. My hope for Sauer is that he's able to enjoy life at the least and that someday he may even play again. 

So to wrap up.....NHL good, Rangers have shot at cup and you can now follow me on Twitter @hockeyangrybird as I annoy the hell out of my girls and the Hockeyrodent. Who could ask for anything more?

Beer Me !

----}- Bird

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