Thursday, August 15, 2013


Me & the Espo Statue at the arena in Tampa Bay
Hello NY and everywhere else, I know I haven't posted since game seven vs. the Caps but I have mentioned many times that Hockeybird is no longer what it once was. Heck, I nearly lost the domain last month when it expired and I couldn't finance the renewal. Lucky for me I found some part time duties and was able to keep the domain. I just couldn't imagine that there would be NO Hockeybird any more.

I will have comments about the upcoming season, the coaching changes and what we might expect in the 2013-14 NHL season. The Rodent and I may even record another podcast during pre-season. For now though, I wanted to share the picture of Espo and I. It's not as cool as my Dad's picture with Espo but it was the first time I was in the area since they unveiled it. I was also lucky enough to say hello to Dave Andreychuk who was at the arena in his position with the front office. We chatted about his Cup win in 2004 and he seem pleased when I told him I was at the game and it was the only time I had witnessed the Cup being awarded in person.

So, stay tuned as there are less than 50 days before opening night in the NHL and I promise that not only will we survive August, there will actually be a full 82 game NHL season complete with a mid-season break for the Olympics held in Russia. New divisions, new coaches in new places and a full schedule.....just like you, I can't wait. ----}- Bird
Dad and Espo with THE CUP.

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