Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello NY and everywhere else, I'm Bird and you're in the Birdcage once again. You all know from time to time I write about things other than hockey and the NY Rangers. This would be one of those times.

Most of you know I am DJ Bird from 92.7 WLIR in NY back in the 80s. I am very excited about the upcoming movie "Dare to be Different" that will document that very special time in my life. While I'll be appearing in it, I'm more excited about all my co-workers, the Bands and the fans who are in it. Hopefully I'll be shooting my scenes in NY during the upcoming trip in November. But what you might not know is that I had the pleasure of being the DJ at a club in Huntington, NY for nearly four years before I worked at WLIR. In fact, if it were not for Paris NY I would never have had the chance to work at the station that "Dared to be Different".

So, on November 2nd I will attend the Paris NY reunion 2013 on Long Island where we will celebrate the magic that was Paris NY. I didn't know just how special that place was to so many people until many years later. It was always special to me and I knew what we accomplished there was a once in a lifetime kinda thing but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that so many others felt the same way. It was an honor to work there and it will be an honor to attend this special event.

Slave, who not only took over Paris after I left but took the club to new heights will be putting this all together and spinning the tunes for his very last performance in public. Let me just take a second to mention how special Slave was/is. This is a guy who first came to Paris as a customer. He and I connected right away. He started to work there doing various jobs but it was always clear to me he had a special gift. In a word, he got it. I'm not sure I'm qualified to describe what that "IT" is but I can say that Slave understood the music on a level that can't be taught. One has to feel it. One has to have it inside one's self. He's an amazing talent who went on to the very famous VooDoo club on Long Isand and kicked ass.

Slave had been a friend before, during and after the whole DJ Bird thing became something I didn't handle very well. I only wish I told him how much I appreciated him back then. I hope it's not too late for that.

For those of you in NY (or who will be on November 2nd) I highly encourage you to visit this page for the details and attend what should be an unbelievable night. This is my first visit to NY since 2004 and quite possibly my last so I'd love to say hello to as many of you in person as possible. I'd love to thank you personally for all the blessings I have received during my time in the music biz as it might be our only chance.

Look, I may have made a mess of my life in the last decade with health issues, personal problems and stupid decisions but no one can take away the greatness that occurred during my time at WLIR or Paris NY. That I had a chance to be a part of it is something I am so very proud of. Paris NY is where DJ Bird became famous. Paris is where I grew up. Paris NY was a place that was so special, no words could possibly describe it correctly.

The NHL season is just around the corner and Hockeybird will get back to hockey and the NY Rangers......but on November 2nd, we will celebrate Paris NY on Long Island in NY.

----}- Bird

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