Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I know it's preseason. I understand that we didn't see the real starting line up and Capt. Cally and others are not yet ready to play. However, the Flames are picked dead last in their division for a reason. To their credit, Calgary came out to give the hometown fans a show and their effort was evident from the opening faceoff. The Rangers took some time to get their legs going and were down 0-2 before they picked it up a bit.

I wanted to see a bit more passion and physical play by the visitors. Sure the fight by Moore in the third was a step in the right direction but it was too little and too late. That kind of thing in a regular season game needs to happen way earlier. I know, Bickel fought in the first but it didn't change the game at the time.

On the plus side, the Rangers Power Play scored with a Marc Staal pick up of a loose puck that he promptly put home. It's good to see Staal back playing like he did prior to his injury but it's the kinda thing that's supposed to happen when you have the enemy out manned. OK, I'm pee-ing in your morning coffee, sorry.

Michael DelZotto was cut on the ear in a freak play, kinda scary but was patched up and returned so we know it wasn't as serious as it could have been. I expect MDZ to have a banner year....I know I shouldn't make predictions but I did so anyway.

Because of my feed where the video was choppy at best I didn't get a feel for Fast or Lindburg whom I wanted to see as I have heard good things since the rookie tourney. I was also hoping to see Chris Kreider play himself onto the starting roster but he either didn't do much or I missed it.

One of my twitter friends pointed out that Lundqvist was beaten high, glove side all night. She's got a point and while it's easily corrected, who tells that to the KING? Let's face it, no one like to lose so I'm not feeling very happy. But it is preseason and these games are really just PRACTICE. Lighten up Francis, let's see a few more games before we begin the FIRE SATHER chants, allright?

The Blueshirts play the Oilers tonight and they'll be another team who will be UP for the game and would love to please the home crowd with a win over the hated Rangers. It'll be a good test, let's see what we got eh?

----}- Bird

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