Monday, September 23, 2013


Hello NY and everywhere else, thanks for stopping by.

I am going to try and resume posting on a more frequent basis but unlike the old days I will not be posting links to news. You can get that anywhere these days as there are many great sites who provide that service. Instead, I'll do game recaps from my perspective like I used to minus all the news links. That's not to say I won't have a few words on an Uncle Larry article or something similar. It's just that I can't invest the time to do it right and as I already said, many other places do that for you.

In addition you can follow along on twitter @hockeyangrybird for real time commentary. The Hockey Rodent has a million followers for his opines but mine are different. Not better, not worse just different. So, if you enjoyed the foolishness from years past, follow me on twitter for in game posts and come here to for game recaps.

For any newbies, my game recaps are not stat orientated. They are more like my personal reactions to what takes place on the ice. I bring to the table my experience as a goaltender and while I never made the NHL, I did spend time as a practice keeper with the NY Islanders for a year and a half and many years playing at several different levels. A players perspective is a little different than lets say a guy who writes for the NY Post or Daily News but didn't ever stop a shot or fight during a game to change the momentum. Again, not better nor worse, just different.

Let's hope for a new beginning for a NY Ranger squad with a new head coach and staff. Our home grown kids are maturing and the additions (RICK NASH IS A BEAST) could get the chance to flourish. We'll see about that. It's no secret that I was a HUGE John Tortorella fan and still am. I'll give AV a chance to win me over. Make the Power Play work, score more 5 on 5 goals and keep the stingy defense and I'm all in.

OK, join me tonight for commentary on the NYR vs the Flames on twitter at 9:00pm EST and then we'll take it from there. Hopefully with Henke playing the whole game we'll get a great big BEER ME as a prize. Old guys help the new guys out with that one.

Oh, Clark who is a Wings writer and fan was kind enough to create some of the Hockeybird logos over the years. What you see above is some of the ideas we have been kicking around for a new one. Thanks DA MAN ! Welcome to the EASTERN CONFERENCE

----}- Bird

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