Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello NY and everywhere else I'm Bird and you are at the one and ONLY Hockeybird.com

I'd rather be writing about the Olympics, something we've done since 1998, the Nagano games. Those were the first Olympics where the NHL participated. Mike Richter back stopped a US team who had won the '96 World Cup but preferred to trash hotel rooms rather than playing. Those were the days eh?

These days Hockeybird is under attack from the NHL and the game company Rovio who created Angry Birds. They created a character called Hockeybird causing confusion and damaging the brand created here over the last SIXTEEN YEARS. This cannot stand.

As I huddle with my team to figure out the best course of action I do want you to consider supporting us in this cause. Big huge entities like the NHL or Rovio should not be stealing names from little guys like us. So I may be asking for your help.

First, please share this with anyone you think was a reader here or just likes to support the under dog. The more people aware of this the better. If and when it comes time to act, I'll let you know. Of course, nothing is stopping you from tweeting or sending an email to the offending parties letting them know how you might feel about this injustice. Everyone is entitled to their opinion ya know. If we come up with a way for you to directly participate we will post our suggestions here. For now, Go USA! oh, and please stay healthy all you NY Ranger Olympians. 

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