Friday, January 31, 2014


Hello NY and everywhere else, I'm Bird and you are once again at Hockeybird. OK, I know some are wondering about the NHL-AngryBird thing. I am advised by my attorney not to comment on this and I have to comply. I can say that I have been contacted and that WE are hoping for a fair conclusion.

On to better things........

With the sweep of the Stadium Series the Rangers find themselves in 2nd in the Metro. OK, not bad but the Ice Chickens are running away with this thing. A playoff spot is not even close to a guarantee for us. But that's not what has me bothered. Glen Sather and Captain Cally's agent have not quite reached terms and this has me worried. I'm already reading trade proposals. In fact there are some who are already fine if he goes. REALLY?

Watching this team as I have over the years it's been somewhat of a treat in the sense that since the famous fire sale 10 years ago we have seen home grown players in NY Ranger sweaters at MSG. I'm not so sure that parting ways with Cally is a good PR move. That aside, I'm not convinced that it's a good idea from a team perspective. Just look back to last season. Replacing the pieces moved to acquire Rick Nash took too long and didn't achieve a Cup. A heart and soul guy like Cally can't be replaced unless you can find a guy who can do what he does.

Now I am hearing that he gets hurt, doesn't play 82 games and is 29. A long term deal may not be exactly what Slats wants. It's a fair point to suggest that playing this style of gritty hockey may make him less than a bargain in lets say year seven. So, my concern rises. Yes, I trust Sather in a trade situation but I don't trust him to sign free agents to fill spots.....that just doesn't work out.

I can't tell you what's going to happen but we will all watch.....and we will watch Dan Girardi and his status as well. The Hockey Rodent has been talking about this very issue for a few years.....and now it's here. Let's see how it turns out. Until then, NYR vs NYI again tonight at MSG. Catch my take on twitter @hockeyangrybird

----}- Bird

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