Wednesday, October 12, 2016


OK folks, here we go!

If you are a hockey fan, not just a Cats fan then like me you'll be watching hockey tonight from 7p to well past midnight.

The tweaking continues as the Cats add a Sutter to the roster. The Sutter family has been feeding the NHL players since the early seventies. I admire the family for the toughness they bring to the ice. Brody will be assigned to the AHL but I'll be interested to see if he can crack the Cats line up. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hoping for injuries that make it necessary. Rather I'm hoping he plays his way on. That said, I just enjoy having a Sutter.

The Cats open up tomorrow night at the BB&T center and we will scan the media for game previews.

Roster breakdown from the Sun Sentinel and a season preview.

Sid the Kid who won the Cup last year as well as the World Cup a few weeks ago may have yet another concussion according to reports. Yes he's a great player but I have grown to hate Sid. Let's just say I'm not his biggest fan as hate might be too strong a term.

The Panthers made the top ten (tenth place) for the odds makers on winning the Cup this year. Hawks, Pens, Caps and cross state rivals the Bolts are all close faves. Beware the Bolts this year as they have been getting closer and closer.

OK, you were warned. If you have not already filled the fridge with beer, that's on you!

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