Monday, October 17, 2016


No need for OT this time.

That's me at the Nassau Coliseum during my playing days

Saturday night's win over the Detroit Redwings was satisfying in that even though the Cats allowed the Wings to hang around too long like game one, they did finally take advantage of the their out shooting and out playing the opposition. On Jagr bobble head night I was hoping that when the Wings pulled their keeper the Cats would feed Jagr so he could score his 750th NHL goal. Unfortunately it didn't happen.

The Miami Herald thinks the new guys are meshing together pretty well. A 2-0 start does that to a team ya know.

Sports Illustrated talks about the Captain and how he's filled that role before.

This article questions Derek MacKenzie as the Cats Captain. True, Roberto Luongo was captain of Vancouver and Jagr captained the New York Rangers but both would rather lend their leadership in a different way. In fact, there's plenty of leadership on this team and the youth have teachers for the future. Derek will be a fine captain and while he will make an excellent role model for the kids he will also take some responsibility away from Louie and JJ leaving them to do what they do best without the distraction of being captain. Personally, I like it.

This preview of Saturday's game reminds us that Luongo now has 438 NHL wins. The Sun Sentinel also had the game recap here.

Since there's little print & online media covering the Cats down here, I expect to get some coverage from Canada during the season and from the writers of other teams I used to follow when covering the Rangers. Here's and a Bobble head video.

Here's the CBC which I'll link to from time to time.

The Cats hit the road tomorrow to face cross state rivals, the Tampa Bay Lightning. These games can get chippy and hotly contested. I'm really looking forward to this early test.

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