Friday, October 14, 2016


Yeah, I's only one game. But a win is a win eh?

A few thoughts before we look for links and news, the Cats had numerous chances to put the dEvils away and didn't, this allowed the game to go to OT giving up a point to the Devs. I'm not saying this is the end of the world but points in October are just as valid as late season points. What I mean is that as a team you can't allow points to your opponent no matter when they occur. A single point might allow the Devs a playoff birth. The other aspect is that when you get the chance to close out a game you have to take it.

The Panthers outshot the Devs and did hit a post but failed to get the game winner in regulation. One game is not a trend and I'm over reacting here but I like to see a killer instinct and reward a good performance by Luongo. With ten new players on the roster I expect this will develop during the course of the season.

Who else was delighted to see and hear Goldie and Denis back together on TV? Denis Potvin is hated in NY by Ranger fans. When I switched over to catch a few minutes of the Rangers vs Islander game the crowd at the worlds most famous arena did the Potvin Sucks chants more than once. Denis is of course a four time Cup champ as well as the former captain of that great Islander team. As an analyst he shares insights that most miss. For instance, towards the end of regulation Denis noticed the puck bouncing on bad ice. He suggested that the Cats ask for a new puck from the supply kept frozen at the scorers box. The colder puck sits better and could make a difference. Few others noticed that and to his point, the Cats failed to ask for the new puck. As his teams captain, Denis looked for any advantage to win. As an analyst he's still got that winners sense about him. He's still a competitive guy. I love it.

OK, lets see what we can find on the interwebs.......

  Yes, they raised the banner for winning the Atlantic Division last night but it was the tribute to Jose Fernandez that people are talking about. Read about that here.

The Miami Herald has a nice photo gallery from last night. Check out the Jagr photo with the bend in his stick as he shoots. The guy still has game.

Same paper with a game recap.

The Sun Sentinel chips in with their game recap here.

I couldn't find an online article on the Cats win at the Palm Beach post. This is part of the problem down here......the Panthers don't enjoy a lot of support from the media. Heck, 106.3 ESPN West Palm didn't mention the game yesterday at all during the few minutes I gave them. Evan Cohen was too busy making believe he's Chris "Mad Dog" Russo bitching about some scheduling issues within the station and I had to turn the dial. His show used to be a must listen for me but honestly, I can't stomach him any longer. I'll blast him more as the season gets going. :-)

Heading up north to NJ here's a recap from them.

More out of habit than anything else, The Rangers beat crosstown rivals the NY Islanders at MSG.

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