Wednesday, October 19, 2016


It was a friday night and I had to fill in for a team in the playoffs.

Their keeper was Jewish and observing a holiday. I was called in as I had played with a few of these guys in a league run in the Syosset rink then known as the Long Island Skating Academy but now is called Ice Works. It's the NY Islanders practice rink. This game was played at Long Beach Arena where the NY Rangers once practiced before the Isles joined the NHL.

I think the score was 2-2 after three periods. Because it was an elimination playoff game there was a ten minute overtime. Then a second overtime. Then the shootout began. Seven or eight shooters in I gave up a goal but my guys tied it up. This kept going until I finally let in another and we didn't score. I was heartbroken. This was such a well played game, back and forth action with both myself and the opposing keeper keeping our teams even with big saves. The players left it all out on the ice. It must have been fun to watch these two teams battle it out. The winner was going to the finals.

To this day I'm still bothered by this and it's why I still hate the shoot out.

It's no way to end a playoff game. We don't settle an NBA game with a three point contest or an MLB game with a home run hitting contest so it's no surprise that as a keeper, the shoot out leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. That game should have gone until someone scored a real goal.

That said, the Panthers lost in a shootout to the Bolts in a game that was over with less than a minute to go. Give the Bolts credit, they mounted a comeback and won fair and square. The Cats not only had opportunities to win it in regulation but killed off a power play in OT to get to the shoot out. As I've mentioned, I don't like a trend I'm seeing with the Panthers not able to kill off the opposition when they have a chance to. Giving two points to a division rival is never a good thing.

Miami Herald has a photo gallery to view from last night's game. Here's their recap.

The Sun Sentinel suggests the Cats blew a lead.

The Rat Trick recaps the Panther's first loss of the year.

Quite honestly I thought the Panther goal in the shoot out should not have counted. The Refs saw otherwise. Not everyone agrees with the call.

I'll take a well earned night off to watch tonight's debate featuring two of the most disliked people ever to run for president.......on second thought, maybe I should just drink.

----}- Bird
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