Thursday, October 20, 2016


How great are you if you never win a Cup?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that Alex Ovechkin sucks, I'm asking just how important is winning a Cup in regards to a players greatness. Last season I posted on twitter that Henrik Lundqvist, the NY Rangers King of a keeper just might be the best goalie ever to not win a Cup. A Swedish championship and an Olympic Gold medal are both nice, but unless he wins a cup he'll not be in the same category as let's say Marty Brodeur or Patrick Roy. The same might be said about Ovie. Sure, no one can deny his goal scoring ability. You can see when he's out hitting anything that moves that he cares. But for one reason or another, Ovie and the Caps can't seem to succeed in the playoffs.

The Caps have had the best record in the regular season before and still crapped out. Years from now when people compare Ovie to let's say Sid the Kid, the two Pens Cups will tip the scales in Crosby's favor. Unless Ovie can get his name on a Cup he will be thought of as a really great goal scorer and a fast, tough competitor but not a champion. He'd be more like Eric Lindross, tons of talent and potential but no rings. It must really bug him.........and that makes me smile. His wife is pretty hot though, and I bet that makes him smile.

The Sun Sentinel went overboard with their twelve sentence game preview.

The Miami Herald talks about our Kid Defenseman, Mike Matheson.

Due to time constraints I'm not going to look for more game preview articles today. Instead, let's look back to last season when the Panthers took the Caps to overtime and then the shoot out. I won't repeat my dislike for it.......the video below does show how exciting the fans think the shoot out is, especially when it takes the entire bench from both teams to finally get a winner.

Enjoy tonight's game and join in on the live tweets I'll be posting. ----}- Bird

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