Monday, November 14, 2016


With only half the guys from last years playoff run the Cats beat the Isles.....

The normal format was broken. Instead of taking a lead, giving it away and either losing or finding a way, the Panthers found themselves down 0-2. Controversies aside, the Cats rarely allow the opposition to take and hold an early lead. They also rarely mount a comeback so this was a pleasant surprise.

Now that the election is behind us and the holiday season looms I will try and find a way to make this place a more regularly updated site. We may never get back to the numbers the old Hockeybird site once had but we can sure try and make this place a must read each day for Panther fans. I could use some help. The original Hockeybird had some fantastic writers join up and if you want to cover the team or it's minor league system, by all me.

As I look around it seems that empty seats at the BB&T center outnumber the fans and so it is on the web. There are few if any sites like this, by the fans and for the fans. Until the Florida Panthers develop a solid fan base they will always be first in the conversation about moving a franchise. I for one think it's time for South Florida to embrace the Panthers and support 'em. It's why I'm bringing my daughters to games and taking time out of my busy schedule to update this site.

The Tampa club won a Cup in 04 and the fans support them. We can do the same here. A lot has to change for the Cats to be in the mix for a cup but it's clear that ownership has their goal of a championship firmly in place.

----}- Bird
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