Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I know, a lot of you are shocked by last night's results......

I'd first like to discuss Monday night's game vs the Lightning. I took my oldest to the BB&T center. Since last year she has been busting my chops about switching over to the Panthers from a 50 plus year NY Ranger fandom. She had complained that every time we went to see the Panthers there were always way too many visitor jerseys in the house. The Cats need their own fans like the Bolts have acquired. There's still much work to be done.

So, we head off to the game Monday night thinking we'd see a loss to the Bolts. If you've been following me here you know I'm very concerned about the Panthers lack of killer instinct. They can play with anyone to a point, they get a lead but can't hold it and can't kill off the opponent. An opening period goal did little to change my concern as the Panthers did very little hitting and showed no sign of putting the boot on the throat of the Tampa Bay club. I predicted a Bolts goal early in the third and sure enough, it happened.

Most if not all were expecting a second goal by the Bolts or overtime.

Then, magic happened. Riley Smith stole the puck at the offensive blue line from Victor Hedberg, beat a man and then placed a perfect shot stick side high past big Ben Bishop. Whoa, that individual play saved the game. If not for this lucky bounce the Cats were repeating what I've seen all season so killer instinct. The Captain finished off the Bolts with an empty netter.

The good signs are that they did win, newly shaved Luongo bested Bishop matching him save for save and the Cats continue to put themselves in a position to win. This time it worked out. That needs to continue. They better not count on getting lucky every night.

Keith Yandel looks slow, isn't skating well, doesn't hit anyone and is not a threat offensively. I'm puzzled by this. Is he hurt? I don't know but something isn't right. I must not be the only one who senses a defence problem as the Panthers traded for a big, talented defenseman from NY Dylan Mcilrath in exchange for Steven Kampfer. Kampfer hasn't played but one game this season for the Cats and expressed his desire to play. Management sent him to NY where he may play but he's starting out in the AHL. Meanwhile they acquire A guy who hits, fights, provides toughness and has some skill to go along with his size. The 6' 5" 240 pounder was a first round draft pick I think adds just what the Cats need. We will see eh?

As to the election, hey.....the sun came out today and I still took the girls to school and came to work. It was going to happen no matter who won. Relax, give the guy a chance.

So much to say, no time. Sorry.

----}- Bird

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