Wednesday, November 23, 2016


As I warned yesterday, if they get goaltending......

The Flyers played their famous intimidation game and the Panthers had no answer. If you want turkey, last night the Cats got flipped the bird. One of my concerns is that the Panthers don't intimidate and they don't impose their will physically. The return of Big Nick should help but not last night.

The 3-1 loss described here is nothing to panic over but it sure was disappointing.

Instead of breaking down the game or pointing out Panther deficiencies let's just do the holiday thing. Hopefully you are all going to spend time with family eating great food and discussing how stupid each of you are for voting the wrong way. Yes, politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table......I can't wait.

Thank God for beer.

All kidding aside, I do wish you and yours a peaceful and fun filled holiday. I am truly thankful for you, the readers and your support of this site.

----}- Bird
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