Sunday, May 19, 2019


I am not sure what will happen but due to some bad decisions on my part, I'm in a real bad spot. I hope things turn around but just in case, I'm posting the rest of the Birdcage shows today.

I think I will record a 22nd show at some point.....but for now, here are the final episodes of the Birdcage 2019. 








It's been a labor of love doing these shows. I hope in some small way I make you smile as you listen and enjoy them........just know that I am very grateful for your support over the years. Thank you!

----}- Bird 


Anonymous said...

Hi DJ Bird, I want you to know what your show means to me. I grew up in NYC (Brooklyn) in the 70s/80s and spent many a Saturday night at Malibu (if I could get my crew to get in the car) and the Cat Club (when I couldn't). This was the mid- to late-eighties. I always thought Malibu played the most consistently awesome music.

Your show is fantastic and I'm always shocked when it's over. I'm like "is the Birdcage really only an hour? Why isn't it two hours?!" And now I'm seeing that this might be your last show? That is wrong, all wrong. I am going to have to start listening from the beginning on your site until you come back. Please come back.

A fan in DC (sorry for the anonymity but ugh-the internet)

DJ Bird said...

Thank you very much for your kind words ----}- Bird

Anonymous said...

Just...what will LIR do this Sunday? Okay, that's kind of a rhetorical question and you probably can't answer it anyway.

Anyway, I realized that you talk a lot about Paris but for some reason I thought you also spun at Malibu? Maybe not. Sorry if I mixed up my venues. I never made it to Paris but it sounds like it was pretty awesome.

I'll be listening to the shows you so generously posted for us all. I hope to hear you back on WLIR.FM with new shows soon.

DC fan

DJ Bird said...

Shows will continue to air on WLIR. I worked at Paris NY for three years before joining LIR. Denis talked me into playing station shows so that’s when I spun at Malibu, The Ritz, 007, Heartbeat, LaCache on and on.

I love the Malibu. But Paris was a special place

——}- Bird

Anonymous said...

I see, okay. I hope you come back soon. Love the music and enjoy the history that you give alongside it.

Wishing you a good holiday.