Friday, October 28, 2016


The Panthers are not yet an elite NHL team as they can't close out a team

OK, the pic has nothing to do with hockey. That's me in Pittsburgh last year celebrating 30 years of WXXP 100.7 Pittsburgh's station that Dared To Be Different.

Look, despite having the phenom Austin Matthews the Leafs are not a top level team and the Cats should have been able to convert after out playing Toronto. But, they didn't convert nor have they when it's counted most. I'm not ready to give up on the season but when you get a chance to close out a game the best teams find a way. Until the Panthers develop that special thing that elite teams have they won't be counted among the top tier.

The Miami Herald recaps last night's loss in Toronto.

The Sun Sentinel uses the term squandered to describe what I have been talking about.

There are over a dozen Canadian media outlets covering the Leafs every move and it has got to be tough playing in that town and not being good. Hell, not one Canadian team made the playoffs last year and need I remind you about 1967? So, let's visit a Leafs site to get their take.

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