Monday, October 31, 2016


The world is scary enough.......

......but a picture of Mark Messier in a towel with Gary Coleman just might be the scariest thing I've ever seen!

We used this pic on the old Hockeybird back in the day and it still gives me the willies.

After losing on Saturday the Panthers looked to be in quite a little slump but managed to turn it around yesterday in Detroit beating the Wings 5-2

Hat tricks for Halloween are the best tricks, no?

I know, pretty sparse post today. In all honesty I didn't watch either game. Tough for me to comment on games I don't watch. I did get to play a round of golf but was otherwise out of action the whole weekend. I had a few conversations with former co-workers in the Intel community about the recent FBI announcement about Hillary's server. I think she's in trouble :-)

----}- Bird

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