Friday, October 21, 2016


No one expected the Cats to go 82-0 or undefeated......

They did play well at times. Down 0-2 the Panthers took over the game and tied it up at 2-2. Jagr popped his 750th NHL goal and all looked good. That is until The Caps took it back. Early on the Panthers allowed the Caps to camp out in front of Luongo and he had no chance on either of the first two against. It looked like it could be a blow out. I considered changing the channel but I saw the effort the Panthers displayed and it looked like they were still confident. Sure enough, they scored only to have the play blown dead milliseconds before the puck crossed the line.

I know the Bolts and Caps are both really good teams so these two games were excellent tests for the Panthers to see how they measure up. The results show us just how much work that needs to be done. I know it's a long season and with ten new players on the roster it'll take some time for the Panthers to gel but it's clear to me that the Panthers are not where they need to be just yet.

The Sun Sentinel recaps Jagr's 750th and the loss.

The Miami Herald does the same.

Like yesterday I'm not going to post a bunch of links to stories about the loss. Let's just move on. I have a tee time tomorrow that I'm really looking forward to. My buddy George is the course superintendent and they've just completed a renovation on all 18 holes. Boca Dunes was already a pretty good course and I expect it's even better now. If you're on twitter follow @hockeyangrybird and I'll post a link so people can follow my round live as I play. Tee time is 8:04 so if you're up, look for the link.

I started playing golf in 2010 after making fun of it for over 40 years. I always told me buddies if you are playing golf you're not winning championships. Well, my last game was in 2004 and I have to admit, I'm addicted. If I could I'd play every day. Oh, I won four ice hockey championships so if my delayed entry to the sport means I can't break 80 (except once) I'm OK with it. Those championships still make me smile.

----}- Bird

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